Grant Funding Reports


Grant Funding Reports summarize provincial and federal grant dollars provided to all municipalities, Metis Settlements, constituencies, and regional services commissions in Alberta.

These reports are based on information current as of March 31, 2019, and provide information for actual funding received for the 2018-19 fiscal year, based on the formulas and eligibility requirements for each program for that year.

Each Grant Funding Report lists the amount of funding and program from which the municipality received the funds. The constituency reports provide the total funding received by each municipality within the constituency, and do not provide a breakdown by program.

Eligibility requirements, funding formulas, and project eligibility vary between grant programs.  Additionally, not all eligible grant applicants choose to apply for all grant programs and of those that apply, some may not be successful.

Information on the eligibility requirements, funding amounts, and funding formulas for programs can be found by viewing the program guidelines found on the individual programs’ web pages.


Background information about the reports, types of grants available, Government-Wide Objectives (GWO), as well as funding summaries by GWO can be found in the Municipal Grant Funding Summary Report 2018-19.

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