Improvement District No. 4 (Waterton)

Improvement District No. 4 (Waterton) is located in the southwestern corner of Alberta and encompasses Waterton National Park. 

The advisory council of Improvement District No. 4 consists of:

  • Brian Reeves, Chairperson
  • Brian Baker, Councillor
  • Jody Thaell, Councillor
  • Kenneth Black, Councillor
  • Dennis Pollock, Councillor

The Chief Administrative Officer of Improvement District No. 4 is Scott Barton. 

Council meeting minutes can be found at:

Financial Statements

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Improvement District No. 4
c/o Alberta Municipal Affairs
17th Floor, Commerce Place
Edmonton, AB
T5J 4L4

Phone: 403-752-3322

Fax: 403-752-4379

Further Information

For more information about Improvement District No. 4, please see the Municipal Profile at:

For more information about Waterton National Park, please visit Parks Canada's website at:, or for community information, please visit the MyWaterton website at:

  • Date modified: 2018-12-12