Plumbing Safety Information Bulletins

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 P-01-01  Acceptable Certification Marks for Plumbing Equipment - QAI (Expired)  Jan 01
 P-02-02  Acceptable Certification Marks of Plumbing Equipment - IAPMO (Expired)  Sep 02
 P-07-03  Expansion and Contraction  Nov 12
 P-07-04  Elongated Water Closets  Nov 12
 P-07-06  Protection from Frost  Nov 12
 P-07-08  Cleanouts for Drainage Systems  Nov 12
 P-07-09  Length of Fixture Outlet Pipes and Trap Location  Nov 12
 P-07-10  Required Venting of Roughed-In Fixtures (Expired)  Dec 07
 P-07-11  Alternative devices for Pressure Balanced Shower Valves (Expired)  Dec 07
 P-07-12  Method of Venting Island Fixtures  Nov 12
 P/G-08-02  Requirements for Combination Heating Systems: Dual Purpose Water (Potable) Heater (Combo Unit)  Nov 12
 P-08-01  Single Wall Heat Exchangers  Nov 12
 P-08-03  Backflow Preventers for the Potable Water System  Nov 12
 P-08-04  Clothes Washers and Pressure Zones   Nov 12
 P-09-01  Drainage of Water from Elevator Pits  Nov 12
 P-09-02  Floor Drains and Trap Seal Replenishment  Nov 14
 P-10-01  Requirements for Residential Storm Sumps - Piping Choices for Pump Discharge  Nov 12
 P-10-03  Floor Sinks - Drainage and Venting Requirements  Nov 12
 P-11-02  Requirements for Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems  Nov 14
 P-13-01  Interceptors  May  13
 P-14-01  Drainage Systems with Municipal Requirements  Oct 14

Bulletins Related to Plumbing:

 06-BCB-009R1  Disaster Recovery Program Flood Mitigation Measures  Aug 2013
 06-BCB-010  Disaster Recovery Program Flood Mitigation Measures for Homes Being Rebuilt  Sept 2013