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Home Warranties for Albertans

Please note: The New Home Buyer Protection office is open Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) from 8:15am to 4:30pm. During closure, the email (HomeWarranty.inquiries@gov.ab.ca) and phone (1-866-421-6929) will not be monitored.

The New Home Buyer Protection Act came into effect on February 1, 2014, requiring builders to provide home warranty coverage for all new homes built in the province. New homes (single detached family homes/duplexes/multi-family homes/condominiums/manufactured homes/recreational properties) include, at minimum, a warranty for:

  • One year labour and materials;
  • Two years for defects in labour and materials related to delivery and distribution systems;
  • Five years building envelope protection, with a requirement for the warranty provider to offer the consumer the option to purchase additional years of coverage; and,
  • 10 years coverage for major structural components.

Learn more about Alberta’s better warranty standards and get to know your role at http://homewarranty.alberta.ca.

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Municipal Affairs Public Safety Division
Phone (Toll Free): 1-866-421-6929

  • Date modified: 2018-01-02